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1. Design, implementation, and evaluation of a short-term research skills training course for clinical faculty members: A new experience at Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Mohammadreza Shakibi; Mina Mobasher; Maryam Okhovati; Elham Iranmanesh; Elham Sharifpoor; Manzume Shamsi Meymandi; Mahmoodreza Dehghani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 July 2020

  Background: Several research skills training courses are designed for both faculty members and students in educational and research institutions around the world. Objevtives: The current study aimed to design, implement, and evaluate a short-term research skills training course for faculty members of ...  Read More

2. The Effect of Interactive and Effective Lecturing Workshop for Developing Faculty Members in Teaching: An Experiment of Utilizing Peer Observation of Teaching and Feedback

Leyla Sadighpour; Mohammad Shariati; Maryam Alizadeh; Azim Mirzazadeh

Volume 15, Issue 1 , Autumn 2018

  Background Whereas much has been written about the strategies, barriers and facilitator factors of effective and interactive lecturing in medical education little has been written about the effective and interactive lecturing skills educational programs for medical teachers based on peer observation ...  Read More

3. The Attitudes of Faculty Members of Ahwaz Jondishapour University of Medical Sciences toward Student Advising and Counseling

Pourandokht Asadollahi; Abdolhussein Shakurnia; Hossein Elhampour

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Summer 2011, , Pages 58-66

  Background and Objective: One of the professional duties of university faculty members is student counseling T he aim of this study was to determine the attitudes of faculty members toward advising and counseling students in Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences (AJUMS) Methods: In this descriptive ...  Read More

4. A Glance at Students and Faculty Members Perceptions of Incivil Behavior in Educational Settings

Leila Joibari; Zahra Mohammadi; Akram Sanagoo

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Winter 2011, , Pages 127-133

  Background & Objective : Uncivil behavior strongly disturbs teachinglearning process by creating conflicts and tension in studentteacher relationships The aim of this study was to study the attitudes of students and faculty members of Golestan University toward uncivil behavior in educational settings ...  Read More