Strides in Development of Medical Education

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1 Instructor, Faculty Member of Nursing School of Bam

2 Assistant professor of Nursing School of Bam


Background: Nursing is a stressful profession and nursing students are exposed to high levels of stress in both theoretical and clinical components of their educational programme This fact not only affects their academic performance but also may lead to various physical and psychological disorders Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the level and sources of stress in nursing students of Kerman Zarand Bam and Jiroft nursing schools Methods: It was a descriptive study on 274 volunteer baccalaureatenursing students selected by randomized clustering method Data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed by using parametric statistics Results: Mean score of students stress level was 296 at the range of 15 The highest stress levels were related to copying with personal problems ( =340) feeling anxious ( =334) and experiencing anger in facing every problem ( =331) Among sources of stress lack of agreement between theoretical and clinical trainings ( =350) educational achievements and qualification for the job ( =340) and attitude and expectations of others toward nursing profession ( =330) have the most important roles There was a significant relationship between the stress level and having living mother and fathers educational level (P