Strides in Development of Medical Education

Document Type : Original Article


1 Master of Educational Management, Lecturer in Kerman University of Medical Sciences

2 Assistant Professor of Community Medicine, Kerman University of Medical Sciences

3 Master of Medical Education, Lecturer in Kerman University of Medical Sciences

4 Master of Educational Management, Evaluation Office of Medical Education and Development Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences


Background: Teachers performance evaluation is one of the most important tools in the education process It is used to determine weaknesses and strengths of education so that by reinforcing the strong points we can improve the education quality Objective: To determine the validity and reliability of practical and theoretical teaching evaluation questionnaires regarding the faculty by the students in Kerman University of Medical Sciences Methods: The validity and reliability of the existing EDC questionnaires were reevaluated At first the content validity and weight of each item were calculated using the faculty members views then the internal consistency of the questionnaires was determined by alpha chronbach Results: Theoretical and practical teaching methods categories including six and seven items showed the highest validity (095 and 097 respectively) The evaluation category in questionnaire on the theoretical courses indicated the lowest validity (069) The questionnaires having 091 and 097 reliability were considered proper for teacher evaluation according to the students Conclusion: The results of this research showed that only one item should be omitted because of the absence of the suitable content validity However to final confirmation of validity and reliability it is better to use construct validity and test retest methods respectively