Strides in Development of Medical Education

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1 Specialist in Internal Medicine, Professor of Internal Medicine Dept., Iran university of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2 Specialist in Community Medicine, Associate Professor of Community Medicine Dept., Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


  Background & Objective : Educational institutions use different tools for evaluating their own activities In this study DREEM (Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure) model was used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate curriculum problems and efficacy of change in education   Methods : This crosssectional study was conducted in four major clinical wards including internal medicine pediatrics obstetrics ;gynecology and general surgery in four educational hospitals of Iran University of Medical Sciences A questionnaire including 35 questions concerning three domains of students learning teachers and educational atmosphere was distributed amongst 53 clinical teachers in the aforementioned wards   Results : The mean score was 116 out of 140 which was interpreted as very satisfactory Regarding all three domains of learning teachers and educational environment the highest mean score belonged to pediatrics ward whereas the least belonged to internal medicine ward There was a significant difference between clinical wards concerning educational environment (P=0042) The internal medicine wards score was 393 while pediatrics ward got 462   Conclusion : According to the mean score it seems that the university teachers consider learning and teaching to be suitable As for the least score which was given to educational environment in internal medicine ward it seems that problems in appropriate communication between teachers and learners in this ward have led to a stressful environment Since DREEM model is suitable for educational changes comparing teachers and learners points of view and planning to solve problems in internal ward could be useful


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