Strides in Development of Medical Education

Document Type : short communication


1 Ph.D. in Biostatistics, Associate Professor of Biostatistics Dept., Microbial Resistance Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

2 B.Sc. in Public Health, Health Network Development Unit, Ilam Province Health Center, Iran


Background & Objective : The academic progress of university students and its related factors are among research priorities in education This study was performed to assess the academic progress of students in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and the related factors Methods In this crosssectional study 380 students of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in the first semester of 2009 were studied Data related to the students demographic features and academic standing (University and high school grade point averages number of failed courses and probation cases) were collected using a questionnaire Data analysis was done through SPSS 15 and using ttest Chi square Analysis of Variance and coefficient of correlation Results : There was a significant difference among students in regard to their university grade point average There were a significant relationship between the grade point average in university and high school (p < 005) The university grade point average showed significant relationship with variables of sex residency state and using university accommodation In whole 24% had experienced probation in at least one semester and 50% of those who were not interested in their field of study had failed in some course There was a significant relationship between the rate of interest in field of study and the rate of failed courses (p=005) Conclusion : Attention to some factors in student admission such as students residency and high school grade point average as well as improving dormitory conditions can be effective in academic progress of students


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