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Explaining the Residents’Perception of Desirable Clinical Education: A Qualitative Content Analysis

Sara Shafian; Soleiman Ahmadi; Parvin Rezaei-Gazki; Roghayeh Ershad Sarabi

Volume 18, Issue 1 , December 2021, , Pages 1-8

  Background: Specialized and subspecialized medical education is of key importance in the higher education system due to the special role of residents in various fields in the educationalmedical system of universities and the important role of graduates of these fields as specialized and subspecialized ...  Read More

Factors Creating an Educational Atmosphere in Cyberspace: A Qualitative Study

Rita Mojtahedzadeh; Atekeh Mousavi; Mandana Shirazi; Aeen Mohammadi

Volume 14, Issue 2 , May 2017

  Background Because of the developments and advancements in information technology (IT), unparalleled opportunities have been provided in electronic arenas; among them, electronic learning (e-learning) systems have brought attention to the facilitation of education. Since educational environment is a ...  Read More

Factors Influencing the Process of Continuous Nursing Education Based on the Experiences of Nurses: A Qualitative Study

Ali Akbar Vaezi; Hossein Tavangar; Mostafa Javadi

Volume 11, Issue 4 , February 2015, , Pages 508-522

  Background & Objective: Factors effective in the continuous nursing education process may motivate nurses to participate in continuous education programs and thus result in knowledge promotion and improvement of skills in clinical practice and improvement of patient care However they may also prevent ...  Read More

Content Analysis of Articles in Medical Education Journals of Iran

Roghaieh Ershad Sarabi; Tahereh Eslami Nejad; Hajar Shafian

Volume 7, Issue 2 , January 2011, , Pages 119-126

  Background & Objective : Since evidencebased decision making is among essential issues in medical education it is expected that educational policy makers use the results of researches for improving the quality of health care services In this study Iranian journals of Medical Education were investigated ...  Read More

Students Viewpoints and Experiences about Evaluation of Academic staff in Theoretical courses

Akram Sanagoo; Leila Joibari

Volume 7, Issue 1 , July 2010, , Pages 57-69

  Background & Objective: Evaluation of academic staff is conducted in different ways One of these methods which are commonly applied nowadays is asking students (the only group that experience the direct effect of teaching during the course) about their opinions Hence this study was conducted to present ...  Read More