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Developing Basic Educational Standards for Evaluation and Accreditation of Master of Sciences Course in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing: A Report of a Delphi Study

Seyed Reza Mazloum; Maryam Ghorbanzadeh; Tayebeh Reyhani; Mehri Yavari; Hasan Boskabadi

Volume 13, Issue 1 , April 2016, , Pages 10-19

  Background & Objective: Despite the importance of local educational standards for the correct implementation and evaluation of higher education programs studies show such standards do not exist for the masters degree in neonatal intensive care nursing Therefore the purpose of the present study was ...  Read More

Systematic Review of Studies in the Field of Competencies of New or Soon To BeGraduate General Physicians in Iran

Tahereh Changiz; Mohammad Fakhari; Sepideh Jamshidian; Solmaz Zare; Fariba Asgari

Volume 12, Issue 2 , August 2015, , Pages 325-343

    Background & Objective: One method to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the general medicine curriculum is the collection of results of research in this field In this study research results on the extent of predefined general competency in the formal document of the minimum competencies ...  Read More

Developing Comprehensive Course Evaluation Guidelines: A Step towards Organizing Program Evaluation Activities in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Roghayeh Gandomkar; Azim Mirzazadeh; Leyla Sadighpour; Mohammad Jalili; Mojgan Safari; Batool Amini

Volume 12, Supplement , July 2015, , Pages 111-118

  Background and Objective: One of the potential strategies for ensuring the quality of educational programs is adopting a systematic approach to its evaluation. Current evidence indicates the lack of high quality program evaluation activities in the field of medical education. The aim of this study was ...  Read More

Evaluating Educational Programs of Traditional Medicine Based on the Students' Viewpoints in Mashhad, Kerman, and Shahid Beheshti Universities of Medical Sciences, Iran

Somaieh Esmaeili; Shamim Sahranavard; Maryam Hamzeloo-Moghadam; Homa Hajimehdipoor; Mahmoud Mosaddegh

Volume 12, Supplement , July 2015, , Pages 168-176

  Background & Objective: The evaluation of educational programs is the most important aspect of any educational system. If performed correctly, it will provide valuable information on designing and implementation of educational programs and a basis for the evaluation of educational practices. Methods: ...  Read More

Evaluation of the PhD Program in Reproductive Health in Iran Based on the Context-Input-Product-Process Model

Soheila Ehsanpour; Nikoo Yamani; Shahnaz Kohan; Mahshid Abdishahshahani; Babak Hamidfar

Volume 12, Supplement , July 2015, , Pages 177-191

  Background & Objective: Owing to the fact that seven years has passed since the establishment of the PhD program in reproductive health in Iran, its evaluation is essential. Hence, the aim of this study was to evaluate the PhD program in reproductive health in Iran based on the Context- Input-Product-Process ...  Read More

The Opinion of Dental Students of Kerman Iran Regarding their Achievement Level in Learning Objectives of Pediatric Dentistry Courses

Azadeh Horri; Fatemeh Jahanimoghadam; Hamid Reza Poor Eslami; Fardin Najafpoor

Volume 11, Issue 3 , November 2014, , Pages 378-386

    Background & Objective: Pediatric dentistry is one of the basic sciences related to oral health The aim of the present study is to assess the opinion of dental students of Kerman Iran concerning education in preclinical and clinical pediatrics in order to determined shortcomings and deficiencies ...  Read More