Strides in Development of Medical Education

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1 Master of Educational Management, Lecturer in Kerman University of Medical Sciences

2 Neurosurgerist , Assistant Professor of Medical School, Kerman University of Medical Sciences

3 Master of Educational Management, Evaluation Office of Medical Educational Educational Development center Development Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences

4 Assistant Professor of Community Medicine Dept. , Kerman University of Medical Sciences

5 Master of Medical Education, Lecturer in Kerman University of Medical Sciences


Background: Investigation of the opinions of individuals involved in education (faculty and student) makes the assessment of the faculty educational performance more valid and helpusimprove quality as an objective of evaluation A method to decrease subjectivity in evaluation of teachers by student is self – assessment especially when evaluation aims to find shortages & help to improve education Objective: This survey is to compare the self – assessment of the faculty with student assessment about the faculty teaching method Methods: To do this descriptiveanalytical study two questionnaires with ten questions in four categories designed in EDC were randomly distributed among 600 students and 160 faculty members teaching theory lessons 1530 questionnaires were returned by students and 137 questionnaires by the faculty members Data were analyzed using t and ManWhitney U tests and Spearmans correlation confident Results: The mean of self – assessment score of the faculty was more than mean of student evaluation score about their teachers (428 ± 049 vs 339 ± 051 P < 00001) There was a significant although poor relationship between students and teachers assessment on evaluation by student (r = 025 P