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Students Perceptions of the Quality of Educational Services of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Iran

Abolfazl Ghasemzadeh-Alishahi; Rouholah Mahdiuon; Parisa Zarezadeh; Farougheh Arghadeh

Volume 13, Issue 1 , April 2016, , Pages 41-48

  Background & Objective: The quantitative development of higher education regardless of quality will lead to undesirable consequences The main clients of universities are students Determination of their perception of educational services quality can provide policy maker with valuable information in ...  Read More

Quality Assessment of Educational Services for Residents in Teaching Hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Iran, based on the SERVQUAL Model

Seyed Mostafa Seyedaskari; Mohammad Ali Shafa; Farhad Iranmanesh; Amin Beigzadeh; Mahboobeh Mohammad Pour Ravari

Volume 12, Supplement , July 2015, , Pages 159-167

  Background & Objective: Quality assessment of educational services is one of the most important actions in line with an improvement in the services. If the qualitative dimension of services is not taken into account, we will observe significant academic failure and reduction in creativity among the ...  Read More

The Gap between Students Expectations and Educational Services Provided for them Zanjan University of Medical Sciences 2007

Fariba Arbouni; Alireza Shoghli; Saheb Badriposhteh; Mansour Mohajery

Volume 5, Issue 1 , July 2008, , Pages 17-25

  Background & Objective : One of the main problems which must be considered by the universities of medical sciences nationwide is to establish a solidarity system for providing desirable services and use of strategic methods in order to increase quality of services Determining gap in quality of services ...  Read More

The Quality Gap of Educational Services from the Point of View of Students in Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences

Teamur Aghamolaei; Shahram Zare; Sadigheh Abedini

Volume 3, Issue 2 , January 2007, , Pages 78-85

  Background: Higher education is growing fast and every day it is more and more exposed to the globalization processes The quality of educational Services with emphasis on students satisfaction is a newly emerging field of concern Objective : This study was carried out to determine the quality gap of ...  Read More