Strides in Development of Medical Education

Document Type : short communication


1 M.Sc. in Hematology, Instructor of Lab. Sciences Dept., Paramedical School, Bushehr of Medical Sciences University, Iran.

2 Specialist in Community Medicine, Assistant Professor of Community Medicin Dept., Medical School, Bushehr Medical Sciences University, Iran.


Background & Objective : Students learning in clinical teaching environment is an essential part of the curriculum This study was done in order to compare the viewpoints of students and teachers in Paramedical and Nursing & Midwifery Schools of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences about the statue of clinical education environment in 1998 Methods: A total of 124 students passing field internship program and 21 ones of their teachers were participated Data were collected through a questionnaire consisted of 22 items in four major domains of learning opportunity learning support physical environment facilities and teacherstudent relationship Results: Field of study was Nursing in 355% Midwifery in 29% Operating Room technician in 177% and Anesthesiology in 177% of the participants In all domains except in physical environment facilities there was a significant difference between students and teachers mean viewpoint scores (p


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