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EvidenceBased Statistics: Appropriate Approach For Description and Analysis of Research Data

Mohammad Reza Baneshi; saeide hajimaghsoodi; Azam Rastegari; Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 4-13

  In recent years using statistics in medical sciences is increasing and statistics is an essential part of each research At present for each study design and for each type of data there are appropriate statistical methods which yield to valid results and inferences Familiarity with such methods is essential ...  Read More

Original Article
Comparison of Restoration Types Requirements in Dentistry Curriculum with the Practiced Restorations by Dentistry Students of Mashhad Dental School during 2007 2008

Horieh Moosavi; Fatemeh Maleknejad; Ahmad Shariati

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 14-21

  Background & Objective: Theoretical and clinical teachings in dentistry are not always according to the dentistry curriculum requirements but they serve as the basis upon which Dentistry graduates start their own practice The aim of this study was to find the resemblance between dentistry curriculum ...  Read More

Original Article
Enhancing Critical Thinking in Virtual Medical Education Program: A Qualitative Study of Faculty Members and Students Experiences

Mitra Gharib; Mohammad Reza Sarmadi; Issa Ebrahimzadeh; Hossein Zare; Amir Hossein Emami; Atoosa Gharib

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 22-32

  Background & Objective: As enrollment in virtual online courses continues to grow one of the stakeholders concerns is the enhancement of critical thinking in students This study was performed in order to answer this core question: what are the barriers and facilitating factors of critical thinking ...  Read More

Original Article
Contributing Factors to the Attitudes Toward Using Informationand Communication Technology(ICT)Among Students of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences School of Management

Alireza Mooghali; Saeed Talebi; Mohamad Hassan Seif

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 33-40

  Background & Objective: The main audience of information technology is human resources and in the case of lack of positive attitude toward information technology the desired results can not be achieved The main purpose of this study was to evaluate factors related to the attitudes toward the use ...  Read More

Original Article
The Relationship Between Academic Achievement And Students General Health And Coping Styles: A Study on Nursing Midwifery And Health Students of Islamic Azad University – Kerman Branch

Maryam Zeighami; Narjes Pour Bahaadini Zarandi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 41-48

  Background & Objective: The development of each community is highly dependent on its educated individuals Therefore recognition of factors influencing academic achievement of students and attention to these factors are essential for success T he aim of the present study was to determine the relationship ...  Read More

Original Article
The Experience of Students in Medical Sciences In Their Studies Abroad In Recent Years

Ali Akbar Haghdoost; Mahmood Reza Dehghani; Seyed Amin Ayatollahimousavi; Yasaman Nafisi; Elham Pourkhandani; Pardis Sasani; Azam Bazrafshan; Ali Pourkhandani; Elham Talebian; Rahele Zareshahi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 49-57

  Background and Objective: Scholarship is of such a great importance that even the developed countries pay special attention to it while in developing countries it has been left unattended and there is no appropriate management to benefit from the its advantages For this scholarship has to be considered ...  Read More

Original Article
The Attitudes of Faculty Members of Ahwaz Jondishapour University of Medical Sciences toward Student Advising and Counseling

Pourandokht Asadollahi; Abdolhussein Shakurnia; Hossein Elhampour

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 58-66

  Background and Objective: One of the professional duties of university faculty members is student counseling T he aim of this study was to determine the attitudes of faculty members toward advising and counseling students in Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences (AJUMS) Methods: In this descriptive ...  Read More

Original Article
Nursing Students Perception of Barriers of Acquiring Professional Ethics: A Qualitative Research

Fariba Borhani; Fatemah Alhani; Eisa Mohammadi; Abbas Abbaszadeh

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 67-80

  Background & Objective: Ethical competency in nursing means performing nursing cares based on bioethics This type of competency is an important factor in improving the quality of nursing cares Realizing the obstacles of acquiring ethical qualification by nursing students is one of the basic necessities ...  Read More

Original Article
The View points of Medical Students In Yazd University of Medical Sciences Toward Horizontal Integration Teaching Method in Anatomical Sciences Courses

Maryam Dehghan; Morteza Anvari; Mohamad Hosseini Sharifabad; Alireza Talebi; Hossein Nahangi; Abolghasem Abbasi; Sadegh Yadegari

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 81-87

  Background & Objective: At present two teaching methods of traditional and integration are used for the theoretical instruction of anatomical sciences including anatomy histology and embryology It is thought that the integration teaching method can help Medical students especially in their clinical ...  Read More

short communication
Comparison of Students And Teachers Viewpoints About Clinical Education environment: A Study in Paramedical and Nursing Midwifery Schools of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences

Narges Obeidi; Nilofar Motamed

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 88-93

  Background & Objective : Students learning in clinical teaching environment is an essential part of the curriculum This study was done in order to compare the viewpoints of students and teachers in Paramedical and Nursing & Midwifery Schools of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences about the ...  Read More

short communication
The Effect of Early Clinical Experience on Attitude of Medical Students Toward Basic Sciences Courses

Kourosh Vahidshahi; Mitra Mahmoudi; Mansour Ranjbar; Leila Shahbaznezhad; Sara Ehteshami; sajad shafiei

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 94-100

  Background & Objective: Nowadays early clinical experience (ECE) in Medical education has been developed with the aim of establishing efficient relationship between basic sciences courses and clinical education This study was done to evaluate the effect of early clinical experience on the attitudes ...  Read More

short communication
The Satisfaction Rate of Students in Yazd University of Medical Sciences toward Registration Process in 2007

Seyed Jalil Mirmohammadi; Zahra Hashemian; Mohammad Reaza Heidari Firozabadi; Mohammad Reza Dehghani; Abdolazim Eghbal

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2011, Pages 101-105

  Background and Objective: Educational services should be provided to students in a way that they feel they are in a safe environment Since registration is the first stage of educational process this study was conducted to survey the students satisfaction of the registration process Method: This is a ...  Read More