Strides in Development of Medical Education

Document Type : Review


1 Ph.D in Nursing, Assistant Professor in Pediatric Department, Shahid Beheshti Medical University, Tehran Iran.

2 Ph.D Candidate in Nursing, Department of Nursing Management, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Background: One of the most important tasks of a university is to assess weaknesses and build upon strengths. As the education and skill level of psychiatric nursing graduates in Iran is often unpredictable, we hope to improve the current curriculum by comparing it to a successful educational program.
Objective: This study compared the MSc psychiatric nursing curriculum in Iran with Canada.
Methods:  This is a descriptive comparative study conducted in 2018. The required information was collected from the Iran Health Ministry curriculum and Canadian universities offering psychiatric nursing graduate programs. The method used was a Beredy model that includes description, interpretation, neighborhood, and comparison
Results: The University in Canada has been established earlier than Iran. The educational program at Brandon University is focused on community needs. It is possible to complete program on a part- or full-time basis. Some courses are optional.Admission requirements include practical
psychiatric nursing care experience and a relevant degree. In Iran the requirements are limited to a bachelor’s degree in nursing and an entrance exam. The program primarily focuses on theory, and was only offered on a full–time basis.
Conclusion: The Iran educational program has weaknesses. In order to improve the quality of education, it is suggested students volunteer to have psychiatric nursing care experience. The curriculum should include administration, education, and practice. A more flexible curriculum based on the needs of Iranian society should be offered.


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