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Original Article
The Motives of Medical Students in Tehran University for Choosing Medicine Field and their Outlooks for their Profession: Qualitative versus Quantitative Approach

Saharnaz Nedjat; Hasan Emami Razavi; Arash Rashidian; Shahrooz Yazdani; Reza Majdzadeh

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 1-10

  Background: It seems that in our country choosing medicine as the field of study in university is mostly due to family and society pressures rather than the applicants real interest in this field Objective: To determine medical students motives for choosing medicine and their outlooks for this profession ...  Read More

Original Article
Comparison between nursing students and trainers viewpoints about clinical education environment in Islamic Azad university of Yazd in the year 2006

Nayereh Salmani; Hengameh Amirian

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 11-18

  Background: Clinical education environment is a place for improving clinical skills of nursing students and preparing them for working in the hospital Studies have shown that students expectation of their clinical education environment is different from what exists in reality That is they are always ...  Read More

Original Article
The Opinions of Academic Members of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences about the Effective Factors on their Evaluation Score Variations

Mehri Ghafourian Boroujerdnia; Abdol Hossein Shakurnia; Hossein Elhampour

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 19-25

  Background: Considering the importance of educational processes in our universities evaluation of academic members in order to improve their teaching quality is highly necessary In Education Development Center of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences evaluation of academic members by students is performed ...  Read More

Original Article
Learning styles of Paramedical students of Kashan University of Medical Sciences (2005)

Seied Asghar Rasoulynejad; Seied Vahid Rasoulynejad

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 26-32

  Background: Every one has a preferred style of learning Although teachers should adapt their teaching method with their students learning styles it seems that in most cases this fact is disregarded which in turn may decrease the quality of teaching and consequently educational goals Objective: To determine ...  Read More

Original Article
Study on the Causes of Students Academic probation in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences 20012002

Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Hazavehei; Yadollah Fathei; Mehri Shamshirei

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 33-42

  Background: One of the priorities of research in education is study about the causes of students failure during their academic work Objective: To investigate the causes of students academic failure and probation Methods: In this casecontrol study 761 volunteer students in Hamadan University of Medical ...  Read More

Original Article
Attitudes of Medical Students and Teachers towards Education in Community oriented Medical Education (COME) Centre Zanjan University of Medical Sciences 2004

Abbas-ali Nourian; Nouraddin Mousavinasab; Mojgan Vahhabi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 43-50

  Background: Practical training of medical students is not limited to only hospitals Outpatient departments and ambulatory care centers attending a greater number of patients can provide students with more exposure to a variety of medical cases Moreover communityoriented medical education centre ...  Read More

Original Article
Nurses Performance in Training Patients from the Point of View of Patients Discharging from Medical Surgical Wards of Hospitals Affiliated to Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Ashraf Soltani Khabisi; Mansooreh Azizzadeh forozi; Aliakbar Haghdoost; Sekineh Mohammad Alizadeh

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 51-57

  Background: Training Patients is one of the fundamental principles of nursing profession Nurses have to do this training task in order to provide patients satisfaction speed up patients recovery and reduce rate of readmission Objective: To determine training performance of nurses working in Kerman University ...  Read More

Original Article
Social Marketing: application and advantage in continuous medical education

Mohsen Shams; Arash Rashidian

Volume 3, Issue 1 , July 2006, Pages 58-68

  Background: The aim of continuous medical education is to improve physicians performance Unfortunately most of the efforts which have been done in recent years for achieving this goal have been ineffective Using ineffective educational methods and techniques are probably the major cause of this deficiency ...  Read More