Strides in Development of Medical Education
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2. Management of Teaching Hospitals; Opportunities and Threats

Mohammad Reza Amiresmaili; Mohammad Reza Amiresmaili; Saeideh Negahdari; Zahra Khosravirad; Mahya Tohidi; Sajad Khosravi

Volume 13, Issue 4 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 337-348

  Background & Objective: The plan of integration of medical schools into the health system was adopted in 1985 and one of its consequences was the creation of the teaching hospital The aim of this study was to investigate the problems and challenges of managing teaching hospitals Methods: This qualitative ...  Read More

3. Midwifery Students SelfDirected Learning Readiness

Elham Azmoudeh; Hossein Karimi Moonaghi

Volume 12, Issue 3 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 512-524

  Background & Objective: Due to the increasing development of knowledge and constant encountering of new dimensions of modern treatmentcare procedures the ability to use selfdirected learning methods is considered as an important professional competency for midwifery students Thus evaluation of factors ...  Read More

4. Evaluating Critical Thinking Skills in Students of the School of Management and Medical Informatics Tehran University of Medical Sciences Iran in 2013

Zahra Azami; Hamid Salehiniya

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Spring 2015, , Pages 49-55

    Background & Objective: Critical thinking skills in students are essential to making better decisions Obtaining information on the critical thinking skills of students is useful in curriculum planning Therefore this study was conducted to evaluate the critical thinking skills of students of the School ...  Read More

5. The Participants Point of View about the First National Interdisciplinary Summer School regarding Achievement of Educational Objectives Shiraz Iran

Mitra Amini; Mohammad Reza Dehghani; Javad Kojuri; Gholam Reza Safaee Ardekani; Mohammad Mehdi Sagheb; Mahboobeh Saber; Leila Bazrafcan; Zahra Karimian

Volume 6, Issue 2 , Winter 2010, , Pages 185-188

    Background & Objective : The importance of considering general trainings of students and gaining updated knowledge together with curriculum overload and large volume of lessons especially in medicine necessitate presenting most of the students educational needs in form of short term courses Hence ...  Read More