Strides in Development of Medical Education

Document Type : Brief report


1 Ph.D. in Parasitology, Associate Professor, Department of Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Futures Studies in Health, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

2 Ph.D. in Parasitology, Professor, Department of Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

3 Ph.D. in Anatomy, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


Educational decline among university students during the first university terms is generally observed as a reason of the big change in lifestyle and not being accustomed to dormitory atmosphere or it can be as a result of being involved with emotional matters due to the special age at which they enter university This research concerns the situation of a medical student ((Mohammad)) who enters Kerman medical university with a perfect educational background and a top rank in entrance exam of university but he encounters a noticeable underachievement in educating as soon as he starts his courses at university Mohammad who is from a relatively supportive family and has a suitable financial situation in his family gets involved with an emotional case and its following problems and matters  facing a breakup at this stage he is suffered with depression and severe educational decline His family in order to help him acts mistakenly and it brings about bigger problems Therefore after finishing two university terms with conditional educational situation he exposes with the warning of being dropped out of university Noticing the importance of this stage of life among university students more than the consideration of university teachers needs the contribution of consulting center of university in an effective way so that they can identify students with emotional conflicts that leads them toward educational underachievement and  then offering them suitable and helpful consultation  aimed to help them pass this serious phase of life and moreover how to adopt themselves with new situations surely with having their family support as well


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