Strides in Development of Medical Education
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1. Strategies in Development of Iranian Medical Sciences Universities for Dynamic Presence in the International Arena

Ali-Akbar Haghdoost; Hajar Shafian; Behnam Sadeghirad; Mahasti Alizadeh; Mahmoud Reza Dehghani; Tahereh Eslaminejad; Hajar Shafian; Mahasti Alizadeh; Roqhayeh Ershad Sarabi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 120-129

  Background & Objective: In compatibility with the progress of universities and expansion of knowledge and science around the world Iran has also had significant academic progress in recent years However the vision of Iran for the following decades is very ambitious Much has to be achieved to reach the ...  Read More

2. The Role of Teachers in Shaping Hidden Curriculum: A Qualitative Study

Leili Mosalanejad; Bahar Morshed Behbahani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 130-141

  Background & Objective: Hidden curriculum is a broad category that includes all of the unrecognized and sometimes unintended knowledge values and beliefs that are part of the learning process in schools and classrooms The hidden curriculum and ethical education have an integral relationship The aim of ...  Read More

3. Survey of Student Views about Factors Affecting Students Attendance in Classrooms in Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences Iran

Elham Azmoudeh; Maryam Dolati; Elham Farzadmanesh; Ali Asghar Khosro Abadi; Mohammad Hassan Rakhshani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 142-149

  Background & Objective: Absence of students from the classroom is one of the problems in the medical sciences in recent years Failure to attend classes disrupts the dynamic teachinglearning environment and causes this environment to become boring and unpleasant The aim of this study was to evaluate medical ...  Read More

4. A Systematic Review of the Evaluation of Academic Decline in Medical Students

Ladan Fata; Sheida Azari; Hamid Baradaran; Rosha Atlasi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 150-157

  Background & Objective: Students academic decline is one of the major problems of higher education institute in the country For this reason many studies have been performed on this subject but they have achieved different results This study aims to collect and compare researches carried out nationwide ...  Read More

5. The Evaluation of Social Medicine Training Programs from Point of View of General Practitioners

Reza Ghadimi; Mahmoud Hajiahmadi; Aram Tirgar; Hossein Rashvand; Abdoleiman Amouei; Parvin Sajadi; Seyyed Reza Hosseini

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 158-165

  Background & Objective: Community oriented medical education has been considered by many universities The aim of this study was to determine the general practitioners (GPs) point of view regarding social medicine training programs (SMTP) Methods: This crosssectional study was conducted on GPs graduated ...  Read More

6. Evaluation of Skills and Use of Computer and Internet among Professors Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students in Kerman Iran

Fatemeh Sadat Sajadi; Mostafa Shokoohi; Shahla Kakoei; Farid Sheikhi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 166-174

  Background & Objective: In the 21 century using computers and the internet are necessary Computers and internet provide professors and students with the possibility of accessing scientific information very quickly The aim of this study was the evaluation of skills and use of computer and internet among ...  Read More

7. Identifying the Characteristics of Educational Influential Nurses: A Qualitative Study

Mostafa Shokohi; Ali Akbar Haghdost; Reza Majdzadeh; Forough Reiani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 175-183

  Background & Objective: Educational influentials (EIs) are individuals who can positively influence their peers These individuals play a key role in knowledge transfer and knowledge translation process Having knowledge of their characteristics is very important in detecting these people There is a paucity ...  Read More

8. Dominant and Absent Types of Application of Information Technology in Medical Education and its Challenges

Morteza Karami; Somayeh Ebrahimi Kooshk Mahdi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 184-199

  Background & Objective: The aim of this article was to explore the use of new information and communication technology (ICT) in medical education in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences as a single case study Methods : The research method was descriptive The study population consisted of students and ...  Read More

9. Analysis of Medical Education Output in Web of Science Database

Maryam Okhovati; Halimeh Sadeghi; Reza Shojaei

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 200-210

  Background & Objective: Knowledge maps graphically draw a branch of science and help to describe it more precisely This research was conducted to study the scientific productivity and collaborative coefficient of medical education authors during 20022011 Methods: This descriptive study was done using ...  Read More

10. Effect of Some Evaluation Methods on the Consequence of Final Exam for Freshman Medical Students

Kambiz Diba; Davood Jabbari; Zahra Yekta; Shiva Roshan-milani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 211-217

  Background & Objective: In Iran evaluation is one of the most important bases of medical education and one of the best criteria for the categorization of medical universities Therefore we aimed to compare some methods of evaluation for medical students Methods: The target group included all basic level ...  Read More

11. Education of Medical Professionalism and the Role of Educators of Guilan University of Medical Sciences Iran According to its Residents

Alia Saberi; Shademan Nemati; Saba Fakhrieh Asl; Abtin Heydarzadeh; Ali Fahimi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 218-224

  Background & Objective: There are many reasons that it is necessary to change the culture educational environment and curriculum of medical education toward addressing and developing the fundamentals of medical professionalism The primary objective of this study was to assess the attitudes of residents ...  Read More

12. The Effect of Using the Obstetrics and Gynecology Logbook on the Clinical Skills of Interns and Trainees

Zohreh Khazaee; Tahereh Khazaee; Maleknaz Ghannadkafi; Mohammad Zaher Ibrahimi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 225-231

  Background & Objective: Preidentification of practical educational objectives and provision of equal learning opportunities corresponding to the objectives for students are among the needs of the educational system that should be fulfilled using the clinical handbook (Logbook) The current research tried ...  Read More

13. Identifying the Challenges of Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran in Achieving the Goals of Irans Health Scientific Road Map and Providing Strategies

Reza Dehnavieh; Roostam Seifaddini; Mohammad Javad Zahedi; Mohammad Hosain Mehrolhassani; Somayeh Noori Hekmat; Mina Ansari; Nahid Khajeh poor

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 232-246

  Background & Objective: After preparing the health scientific road map universities of medical sciences should play their role in this regard This study aimed to identify the main challenges of Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran in achieving the goals of the health scientific road mapMethods: ...  Read More

14. Survey of Views of Medical Students on Telemedicine Methods Developed in the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences Iran

Ahad Alizadeh; Akbar Mohammadi; Mohammad Khademloo; Hadi Hosaini

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 247-259

  Background & Objective: Telemedicine is the use of new communication and information technologies to provide clinical services health care and transferring of information for care of patients from a geographical distance The aim of this research was to determine the views of medical students on the development ...  Read More

15. The Assessment Methods and its Relationship to Learning Approaches of Nursing Students in Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran

Abbas Abbaszadeh; Fariba Borhani; Sakineh Sabzevari; Zohre Eftekhari

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 260-270

    Background & Objective: There are two basic learning approaches in academic education deep and surface If educational assessment is designed based on deep understanding it will lead to deep learning This study aimed to investigate conventional methods of assessment in medical surgical courses and ...  Read More

16. Do the New Methods of Teaching in Medical Education have Adequate Efficacy?: A Systematic Review

Hossein Karimi Monaghi; Mostafa Rad; Mahmoud Bakhshi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 271-280

  Background & Objective: Introduction of modern methods of teaching has created challenges in education especially in medical education Each of these methods has an application several advantages and disadvantages and a position The aim of this review was to examine the effectiveness of teaching methods ...  Read More

17. Evaluation of the Quality of Teaching in Neurology Ward Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran from the Point of View of Medical Students

Farhad Iranmanesh; Akbar Hamzei Moghaddam; Mohammad Ali Shafa

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 281-287

  Background & Objective: In educational systems evaluation is considered as one of the key elements The evaluation of university students on the educational processes is of specific value There has been no study on the evaluation of the Neurology Department Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran through ...  Read More

18. Translation and Psychometric Evaluation of Clinical Performance Assessment Scale among Nursing Students

Maryam Esmaeili; Sina Valiee; Sina Valiee; Zohreh Parsa-yekta; Abbas Ebadi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 288-297

  Background & Objective: Effective bedside care is the main objective of nursing education Correct clinical evaluation of students has been one of the toughest tasks for clinical nursing lecturers The objective of this study was the translation and psychometric evaluation of the clinical performance assessment ...  Read More