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Original Article
Problems of Continuing Medical Education Programs and Their Solutions from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members

Seyed Hadi Hakak; Abbas Allami; Fariba Derakhshan; Mahnaz Abbasi

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 539-552

  Background & Objective: The majority of surveys have demonstrated the inadequate success rate of continuing education programs in Iran from the viewpoint of participants However no studies have been conducted on the viewpoints of lecturers (influential individuals and beneficiaries in this issue) ...  Read More

Original Article
The Validation of an Instrument to Measure Teacher Identity in Physicians Based on Partial Least Squares (PLS) Approach

Seyed Sajjad Tabatabaei; Hossein Motahharinejad; Hedayat Tirgar

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 553-567

  Background & Objective: Strengthening the teacher identity in physician tutors would result in training efficient physicians and help the students to gain skills and develop positive attitude towards favorable patient care The present study was conducted to evaluate the validity reliability and factor ...  Read More

Original Article
The Relationship between Learning Styles and ProblemSolving Strategies in Undergraduate Nursing Students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Iran

Reyhaneh Taheri; Fariba Karimi

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 568-577

  Background & Objective: Individuals based on their learning styles have different interpretation of the environment and issues and choose different problemsolving strategies The objective of the present research was identifying the relationship between learning methods and problemsolving strategies ...  Read More

Original Article
A Study of Curriculum Contents of the Master of Science of Medical Parasitology and its Arrangement from the Point of View of Professors

Davood Jabbari-Gharebagh; Aram Feizi; Mousa Jabbari; Mohammad Sadegh Dehghan

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 578-588

  Background & Objective: The curriculum of the Master of Science in parasitology was initially prepared in 1984 and was reviewed in 2001 and 2010 Considering the development of medical technology requirement of society and the necessity of curriculum revision The present study was conducted with the ...  Read More

Original Article
Barriers to Implementation of EvidenceBased Nursing Care from the Perspective of Nursing Instructors of Nursing and Midwifery Faculty of Rafsanjan and Kerman Iran

Lida Soltani; Fariba Mazhari; Esmat Nouhi; Sekineh Sabzevari

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 589-597

  Background & Objective: Evidencebased care is using evidence obtained from research into clinical practice based on the patients condition and type of illness This study aimed to investigate the barriers to implementation of evidencebased nursing care based on instructors and educators opinion Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article
Educational Quality and Facilities Assessment in the Department of Restorative Dentistry from the Viewpoint of Dentistry Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences Iran in 2014

Niloofar Shadman; Shahram Farzin Ebrahimi; Molook Torabi; Sina Safari; Sara Khaleghi; Marzieh Karimi-Afshar

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 598-606

  Background & Objective: Restorative dentistry is a fundamental field in dentistry and students opinions about its education can be helpful in finding its deficiencies and solving them The aim of this study was to evaluate dentistry students attitudes toward restorative dentistry education and its ...  Read More

Original Article
Students Participation in Teaching and its Improvement Methods: A Review Study

Kazem Hosseinzadeh; Fariba Derakhshan; Ramin Sarchami

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 607-616

  Background & Objective: Students participation in the classroom is a feature of many educational designs This can include scholarly and interesting ideas by students and results in the creation of positive energy and enthusiasm in the classroom atmosphere However if not managed students participation ...  Read More

Original Article
The Sources of Academic Stress among Students of the School of Medical Management and Information

Fatemeh Khademian; Mohtaram Nematollahi; Fariba Farahmand

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 617-625

  Background & Objective: Studying at a university is one of the important stressful situations Previous studies have shown the adverse effects of stress on students physical and mental health The aim of the current study was to determine the sources of academic stress and its relation to demographic ...  Read More

The Effects of Simulation Training on Nursing Students Knowledge and Skill in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Maryam Banan-Sharifi; Mahin Sahari

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 626-631

  Background & Objective: Providing a more realistic training environment can help learners to better understand what they were taught Nursing students can be prepared for real critical scenarios such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by using simulation in training This study was aimed to evaluate ...  Read More

Original Article
Concept Mapping in Learning Histology from the Viewpoint of Midwifery Students

Fariba Derakhshan; Simin Yazdanfar; Abbas Allami

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 632-637

  Background & Objective: Concept mapping is an active creative and objective practice which improves the advanced learning process and students required skills The aim of this study was the evaluation of concept mapping method in learning histology lessons from the point of view of midwifery students ...  Read More

Letter to editor
استفاده از فناوری تلفن همراه در بهبود کیفیت آموزش دانشجویان پرستاری

آزاده نوری; اکرم ثناگو; لیلا جویباری

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 638-639

  آموزش پرستاری نقش مهمی در بهبود حرفه ای پرستاری دارد استفاده گسترده از فناوری تلفن همراه در میان دانشجویان انکارناپذیر است با استفاده از این تکنولوژی ممکن است بتوان ...  Read More

Original Article
روش Teach back در آموزش به بیمار

حسین کریمی مونقی; زهرا دلیر

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 640-643

  آموزش به بیمار جزو نیازهای اساسی بیماران و داشتن اطلاعات کامل از سیر بیماری و درمان، جزو مهم ترین حقوق آنها می باشد امروزه آموزش به مددجو از مهم ترین نقش ها و مسئولیت­های ...  Read More

Letter to editor
آموزش مبتنی بر شایستگی: پل ارتباطی بین تئوری و عمل

شهناز نعمتی دهکردی; مریم نعمتی دهکردی; حمیده گلی; معصومه برخورداری

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 646-644

  در هزاره جدید که عصر پاسخگویی است، عواملی از قبیل تغییـر سـریع در سیـستم هـا ی پایش سـلامت، لـزوم ارائـه خـدمات ایمـن و مقـرون بـه صرفه، ارتقا آگاهی افراد جامعه در مورد ...  Read More

Letter to editor
معرفی مختصر مدل OneMinute Preceptor و کاربرد آن در آموزش اکوکاردیوگرافی

علی حسین ثابت

Volume 13, Issue 6 , March 2017, Pages 647-650

  محیط درمانگاه برای اعضای هیأت‌علمی بالینی در درجه اول مکانی برای کار بالینی است، اما درمانگاه محیطی برای آموزش نیز هست (1) از سوی دیگر وجود فراگیر یا فراگیران باعث کند ...  Read More